Sue Kakuk

Founder and CEO of Kakookies

What inspired you to start your business?

My daughter was a collegiate cyclist and I wasn’t comfortable knowing they were stopping at fast-food before their races, so I was determined to bake something that was packed with energy, nutrition and wholesome ingredients. Everybody loves cookies and in a world bursting with over-processed snack bars, I wanted to be different by creating nutritious, delicious, grab n go COOKIES made specifically for over-scheduled families and active lifestyles.

What three traits define you?

Creative, innovator, sincere.

What do you see as the coolest or most important trend in your industry?

Better For You snacking, and it’s about time! I once had a grocery buyer tell me that “cookies shouldn’t be healthy." Today, I love watching people read our ingredient and nutrition label, taste a Kakookie, and smile with surprise and pleasure.

As a business owner, what keeps you up at night?

Doing the right thing and staying true to the Kakookies brand. I always worry about keeping our customers satisfied by producing quality cookies and good customer service.

How do you define success?

Happy customers. I love hearing their stories and reading our customer reviews.

If you didn’t have to sleep, what would you do with the extra time?

I’d be gardening or planning my garden, creating more recipes, and traveling to more National Parks.

What are you reading or listening to now?

I read the daily newspaper and lots of food industry magazines

What’s the best way to start your day?

With a Kakookie and a cup of coffee - of course!

Fill in the blank:

When I face a challenge, I... try to find creative solutions.
If I could go back in time, I would tell myself... what are you thinking?
The one thing I couldn’t live without is.... onions and garlic.
By this time next year, I will be... a better person from all the people I’ve met, the lessons I’ve learned, and the challenges I’ve overcome
The best thing that happened to me last week was...preparing meals for and with my 2 ½ year old grandson.
To get my creative juices flowing, I... have a glass of wine with my husband.

About Kakookies

Kakookies are deliciously flavorful grab-n-go cookies made with wholesome superfood ingredients. Packaged for convenience, Kakookies are a popular hand held breakfast and On-the-Go energy snack with athletes, travelers, busy families and anyone interested in eating better and living better. Learn more. Kakokies-Superfood-Vegan-Gluten-Free-Energy-Snack-Cookies_500x.png