We are in the business of supporting female entrepreneurs. And much like many of the entrepreneurs we know, we’re pretty much unstoppable in that mission.

But gender parity in the world of commerce is no simple task. At WBENC and WEConnect International, we are approaching the challenge from multiple angles: by helping connect women-owned businesses with corporations and government entities, providing education to help businesses scale and grow, and nurturing a network of inspiring, accomplished women business owners and those who support them.

But to create truly lasting change, we know we need to also change consumer buying behaviors, to make sure everyone is aware of why, where and how to buy Women Owned, and to encourage consumers to use their economic decision-making power to help level the playing field in business and support women’s overall economic empowerment.

You can help us get there, by using your voice, actions and platform to spread the word.

Whether you are a budding entrepreneur, seasoned business owner, or consumer with a passion for inclusion and equality, we need your help!

Check out our tips below for how you can be a part of this movement.

Check Out Our Latest Campaign

Each year, Women Owned hosts two digital public awareness campaigns in the spring and fall. The spring campaign aligns with Women’s History Month and the fall campaign aligns with National Women’s Small Business Month and the holiday shopping season.

Join the movement and visit our campaign media kit page to get involved!

Women Owned Wednesday Shop Day

What is a better time during this holiday season to shop Women Owned? On Wednesday, November 30th, we invite you to celebrate women this holiday by participating in Women Owned Wednesday Shop Day! Buy for you, for them, for all!

Take the initiative to support Women Owned businesses both online and in-store. Gear up and get ready to #BuyWomenOwned (hint: our Directory can help!)

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WBENC Women Owned Holiday Gift Boxes

This 2022 holiday season, and as part of our ongoing Buy Women Owned campaign supporting Women Owned businesses and encouraging conscious consumerism, WBENC, with WBENC-Certified WBEs The WMarketplace and Cobalt Packaging, have created a pilot holiday gift box program exclusively featuring WBENC-Certified Women Owned products.

Supplies are limited so snag these gift boxes for your Corporate, employee and personal giving ASAP before they are gone!

Gift box themes shown below. Shop now – there’s something for everyone!

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Supporting Women Owned Businesses



Help us build a movement of support for Women Owned businesses by following these simple steps.


  • Support Women Owned businesses by exercising your purchasing power and choosing to buy Women Owned products.
  • Find products and businesses online in the Women Owned Business Directory.
  • Look for the Women Owned Logo on storefronts, product labels, and websites while shopping.
  • #MakeOneSwitch of an everyday item you buy – substituting a product from a Women Owned brand.
  • Support women entrepreneurs and the organizations who support them.



  • Join our latest digital campaign to spread the word to #BuyWomenOwned and support women-owned brands.
  • Celebrate and spread the word about your Women Owned purchases by sharing them on social media with the hashtag #BuyWomenOwned.
  • Tell your friends, family, coworkers (and that girl you met in the coffee shop line) about the Women Owned initiative and your favorite Women Owned brands.


If you are a woman business owner, read more about how to get started using the Women Owned Logo and how to join our Women Owned Business Directory.

Are You a Woman Business Owner?

Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart — if you have started a business, your efforts are fueling the economy. As women, we fill many roles in the lives of others and aspire to fulfill all of them as we tend to our responsibilities. We See You!

The Women Owned community encourages you to remain strong in the face of challenges, stay true to your vision, and keep going no matter what phase of the business journey you are in. Gain insight on all things Women Owned and remain inspired by subscribing to our weekly newsletter! Get weekly inspiration and resources delivered straight to your inbox — including programs and opportunities for women entrepreneurs, advice from female founders, and motivation to build wealth financially, emotionally, and mentally.

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