Make a commitment to take everyday essentials and consciously choose women-owned brands instead – for yourself and for friends and family. Through increased conscious consumerism, we can make a measurable impact on women-owned businesses.

October each year is National Women’s Small Business Month. This fall 2022, the Women Owned initiative is at it again — launching a large-scale public awareness campaign to boost support for women-owned businesses and encourage all consumers to #BuyWomenOwned. The campaign kicks off October 1 with the beginning of National Women’s Small Business Month throughout October, and builds momentum into November for Small Business Saturday on Saturday, Nov. 26, National Women’s Entrepreneurship Day on Saturday, Nov. 19, and Women Owned Wednesday on Wednesday, Nov. 30 (the Wednesday after Thanksgiving!).

The call to action is “Make One Switch to #BuyWomenOwned.” We encourage you to help friends, family and coworkers discover a new favorite Women Owned brand by gifting an essential that will help them make the switch to sourcing more of their everyday needs from Women Owned businesses.

What does Make One Switch mean?

We know that families and communities continue to be concerned about the economy and our society following the last few years. That’s why we continue to encourage consumers to take everyday essentials they use and consciously choose to instead source them from women-owned businesses – put simply #MakeOneSwitch.

The sky is the limit of what can be replaced to Make One Switch for your buying choices and to help other discover Women Owned brands for themselves. We’ll be sharing more about this initiative during the coming months and weeks.

How to Make One Switch and Buy Women Owned

Shop Women-Owned Brands

Check out our Directory of Women Owned Businesses to browse hundreds of brands that we have vetted and certified as truly women-owned businesses. We do the research for you so you can be certain your investment is supporting women entrepreneurs.

Browse Directory
Look for the Logo

Next time you are running errands or going shopping, stay on the lookout for the Women Owned Logo. Any storefronts, websites and product labels bearing the Women Owned Logo have been certified as at least 51 percent owned, operated and controlled by a woman or women by WBENC in the United States and WEConnect International globally.

Meet Women Who Own It

Trendsetters. Trailblazers. Innovators. Entrepreneurs.

Spread the Word

One of the best ways to support women entrepreneurs is to share with your friends, family and co-workers!

  • Check out our campaign media kit for statements of support, shareable graphics, and more.
  • Sign-up for Women Owned Wednesday, our weekly email newsletter
  • Follow us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram
  • Let your network know how you plan to Make One Switch to support women-owned businesses by using the hashtag #BuyWomenOwned on social media.

The Campaign

This year, we ask you to take the #MakeOneSwitch movement one step further. This holiday season, try to help your friends, family and coworkers discover a new favorite Women Owned brand by gifting an essential that will help them make the switch to sourcing more of their everyday needs from Women Owned businesses. Practical gifting (always a winner in our book) meets supporting women entrepreneurs – what is not to love?

Together, we will:

  • Raise awareness of why, where and how to #BuyWomenOwned.
  • Encourage our friends and families to join us as grassroots advocates for women entrepreneurs.
  • Generate buzz about amazing women entrepreneurs, small business owners, and their products.
  • Provide an economic boost to Women Owned businesses without asking consumers to spend more.

We can’t wait to see how our network mobilizes to Make One Switch to #BuyWomenOwned!

Don’t forget to share your purchases and new favorite products on social with the hashtag #BuyWomenOwned!